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Xandy Whitman

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Xandy has a formal background in STEM education through The National Science Foundation's NOYCE STEM Scholar Program at Louisiana Tech University. Before launching The Practical Educator, she taught STEM classes at the middle and high school level for 6 years where she also served as a robotics and cheerleading coach. Xandy has deigned and taught multiple professional development courses focused on STEM implementation, has developed numerous industry-based technologies, including both hardware and software, for use in modern classrooms, and has written dozens of curriculums used around the globe. She also helps schools and districts plan and execute STEM vertical alignment. Lastly, Xandy serves as a keynote speaker on STEM education topics such as the reality of technology use in classrooms, diversity in STEM, and creating quality STEM experiences.

Xandy also serves as Executive Director, STEM Education for AdvancingX, Regional Director of Educational Partnerships for UBTECH Education, and is a member of the Advisory Board for Robotters. She currently lives in South Louisiana.

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STEM Education


Do you already have a STEM program or are you starting from scratch? We can develop and execute a clear path forward for your district. We will identify goal skills sets at every grade level and deliver professional development, consulting, products, and implementation guides to ensure all students are able to experience STEM on a numerous levels and have the opportunity to master those skills. We will train teachers at all levels on how to integrate a STEM mindset, custom developed curriculum, engineering design process, and meaningful use of available technologies. We will create a plan using the resources you already have available in addition to making recommendations for future resources.  Lastly, we will connect your district to our network of field-based professionals, ensuring students have access to mentors and valuable design feedback.


Do you have a product that you’d love to see utilized in classrooms? We can work with your research and development team to create a new product or work with your team to modify a current product to meet the needs of modern teachers and students. We will utilize our teacher network to test your product in classrooms and to gain valid feedback. We also write curriculum to accompany your product as well as assist with launch marketing and sales.


We have extensive experience working with startups to fully develop and launch education products and services. We will serve as your project managers and ensure you are ready for market as target dates.

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